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Yorkshire Wildlife Park celebrates World Giraffe Day on longest day

Friday 21st June is summer equinox – the longest day of the year – and also World Giraffe Day. To mark the occasion – and celebrate the longest-necked animal in the world – Yorkshire Wildlife Park is treating its lofty residents while raising awareness for giraffe numbers in the wild.

The Doncaster based attraction is home to four giraffes – Jambo, Jengo, Behansin, and Palle – who are all favourites with visitors. Giraffes can weigh as much as 600lbs – with some subspecies standing at more than 19ft tall. A special vein system in the giraffe’s long neck ensures they don’t get a rush of blood to the head when they bend down.

In 2016, the park’s charity – the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation – helped raise funds for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation who relocated 18 Rothschild giraffes from the northern part of Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda across the River Nile to the southern part of the park.

There are an estimated 1,500 Rothschild’s giraffes remaining in the wild, and 1,250 of these were said to be living in the northern part of the park in Uganda, so this relocation was essential to increase their range and ensure sustainable long-term survival.

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