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Mongoose pups born at Woburn Safari Park

Two adorable yellow mongoose pups have been born at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire.

First-time mother, Miss Tibbs, gave birth to the tiny new arrivals in April after being introduced to male mongoose Manuel, who arrived from Rotterdam Zoo in November last year.

Although unsure of each other at first, it wasn’t long before the pair hit it off and were soon spotted snuggling up in the evenings together.

Miss Tibbs expecting pups at Woburn Safari Park

Suspecting Miss Tibbs to be pregnant, keepers provided her with a nest box, which she bedded out with straw and grasses that were sourced from around the enclosure in the days leading up to the birth.

As expected, Miss Tibbs gave birth overnight and has been described as a ‘natural, nurturing, and relaxed mother’ by keepers.  Born with their eyes shut, the pups were instantly very vocal and should be spotted exploring their enclosure in the next couple of weeks.

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