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New arrivals take centre stage at Longleat

Longleat has unveiled a host of all-new animal displays for 2019, including a spacious purpose-built semi-aquatic enclosure for a pair of two-metre long critically endangered Cuban crocodiles.

Renowned for their ability to jump high out of water, the crocodiles will share their new 80,000 litre home with shoals of freshwater fish and dozens of exotic butterflies.

“Cuban crocodiles have a reputation as one of the most aggressive species of crocodilians,” said keeper Jon Ovens.

“They have extremely strong tails which allow them to leap high out of the water and capture birds and mammals from overhanging tree branches. They also spend a lot of time on land and are able to move extremely quickly.

“Our display has a high acrylic window both above and below the waterline which allows people to get incredibly close encounters with them,” he added.

The Wiltshire wildlife attraction has also welcomed a South American giant otter, a new colony of Colobus monkeys – and a brand new pack of six European wolves, identical to those which once roamed Britain.

Major new attraction Koala Creek is set to open on 29th March, and will be the only place in the country to see southern koalas. To mark the koalas’ arrival, Longleat will be staging a series of special activities as part of its Australian Summer event (20th July to 2nd September).

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