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New Yorkshire home for polar bear family

Polar bear Flocke and her three cubs have been a huge hit with visitors since arriving at Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster earlier this summer. 

The family has settled well into their four-acre Project Polar 2 reserve, which is located on the other side of the Park to the original ten-acre Project Polar reserve where bachelor boys Luka, Nobby, Sisu and Hamish live. 

© Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is now the second-largest polar bear facility in the world and the largest outside Canada.

© Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Flocke and her three cubs, Yuma, Indiana and Tala moved from a park in the south of France as recommended by the European breeding programme.

© Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Carnivore Team Leader Kim Wilkins said:” Flo and the cubs are doing really well.  We’ve had them here with us since they arrived in June, and we’ve seen a massive change in their behaviour during that time.  

“When they first arrived here they were quite anxious. The cubs stayed very close to mum. Now they’ve relaxed a lot more and mum is willing to let the cubs go a little further afield.  

“She’s taking full advantage of that ‘me time.’ She has been kicking back and relaxing, keeping a watchful eye. 

© Yorkshire Wildlife Park

“We’re looking forward to a really interesting two years or so as the family grows up. The boys are getting really big and Flo will decide at some point that she doesn’t want babies around anymore, so they will be crate trained so we can move them to Project Polar to be with our other males in the bachelor pad!  

“Tala, the little female, is a bit different, as long as Mum tolerates her, they can stay together. Visitors can’t get enough of Flo and her cubs. We can’t thank them enough for their support of the park this summer.” 

© Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Polar bears are the largest land carnivore and are listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, due to climate change that is causing loss of sea ice which restricts their ability to find food. 

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation raises funds to support polar bear conservation in the wild and collaborates with Polar Bears International on a number of projects. 

The Park has also welcomed other new arrivals this year, including a pair of Lowland Tapir, Maned Wolves and a pack of Bush Dogs at Atlantic Forest and a family of Californian sea lions at the new Point Lobos. For information on visiting and to book tickets go to

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