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Noah’s Ark project offers hope for island ecosystem

Wilderness Safaris, Africa’s leading sustainable ecotourism operator, has introduced its next Travel with Purpose itinerary, The Noah’s Ark Project.

This conservation-focused journey offers guests the opportunity to explore the exclusive North Island in Seychelles from 24 to 28 September 2018, whilst actively taking part in the survey, capture and release of the Seychelles white-eye, one of the rarest birds in the world.

All proceeds from the itinerary will go directly to The Noah’s Ark Project – an ambitious rehabilitation programme aimed at restoring the North Island’s ecosystem. Following the collapse of the coconut industry in the 1970’s, the island was overrun with invasive plant and animal species which threatened the indigenous plants, decimated the bird life and dried up the marshland.

For the last 21 years The Noah’s Ark Project has made considerable efforts to painstakingly remove alien plants and animals, while also re-introducing over 100 000 indigenous seedlings from its nursery in a bid to restore the island’s precious biodiversity.

“Whilst the Noah’s Ark Project has been a tremendous success to date, restoring the island to its former glory and paving the way for the return of at least three indigenous and threatened bird species, there is still much to be done to ensure the ongoing preservation of the island. We are therefore thrilled to support Wilderness Safaris’ Travel with Purpose campaign by hosting this exclusive itinerary on North Island in order to raise funds for the Noah’s Ark Project”, says Bruce Simpson, North Island Managing Director.

The six-day journey will be led by a variety of conservation and environmental experts. In addition to actively participating in the Seychelles white-eye survey, guests will also be able to observe other Noah’s Ark Project initiatives, including the island’s giant Aldabra tortoise rehabilitation programme and the monitoring of nesting sea turtles.

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Giant Aldabra tortoise

Seychelles white-eye

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