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Protect penguins with a WWF adoption

World Penguin Day is celebrated every year across the world on the 25th April to raise awareness for these amazing flightless birds.

A penguin adoption with World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) offers a great way to help protect the future of these captivating creatures and their habitat – and would make a great gift too!

Penguins are incredibly vulnerable to threats like climate change and depend on sea ice for their main food source – krill. But parts of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean are warming rapidly, which is affecting some of the penguins’ feeding grounds.

Your adoption and support will help WWF to:

  • improve the management of Antarctica’s resources and safeguard its wildlife
  • establish a network of marine protected areas covering at least 10% of the 20 million km² Southern Ocean
  • reduce illegal and unsustainable fishing practices
  • raise awareness of the threats of climate change we all face
  • fund other essential WWF work around the world

Sign up for a penguin adoption from just £3 per month and receive:

  • A cuddly toy
  • Regular updates from Wild World, Go Wild and Penguins
  • A bumper fact pack with bookmarks and stickers.
  • A wonderful gift that will help protect the future of penguins and their habitat.

Free postage is offered for delivery within 10 days, or order by 2pm for 2-3 day delivery at £3.75. For a last minute gift, you can also download an adoption certificate to give on the day.

For more information on WWF penguin and other animal adoptions go to

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  1. Please, take care of the penguins. There are the most beautiful animal of the world (especially when they fly). If you adopt one penguin you will be the best.

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