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Are you ready for the Great British Beach Clean?

The Marine Conservation Society is holding its annual Beach Clean event from Friday 17th  to Sunday 26th September 2021 and is calling for volunteers from across the country to take part.

Are you Beach Clean ready? © Brian Barraclough

The UK’s beaches and seas are home to a huge variety of wildlife, but many are put at risk by the amount of pollution entering our oceans every year.  Animals can get tangled in plastic wrapping,  or mistake pollution such as plastic bags for food, which can be fatal.

The Marine Conservation Society is hoping that more volunteers than ever are beach clean ready this year, to help tackle the pollution littered along our coastline.

Litter at Crantock, Cornwall  © Natasha Ewins

At last year’s Great British Beach Clean, 425 items of litter on average were found for every 100 metres of UK beach cleaned, with PPE found on almost 30% of the beaches. However, since charges were introduced across the UK, there has been a 55% drop in the number of single-use bags found on beaches, although our beaches remain polluted.

Marine Conservation Society beach clean © Aled Llywelyn

The Marine Conservation Society’s newest Ocean Ambassador, comedian Zoe Lyons, said: “What does it mean to be beach clean ready? When it comes to the UK, it means being prepared for anything! Come rain, shine or gale-force winds, we’ll be there with a litter picker in hand with a smile on our faces.

“The Great British Beach Clean is a fantastic way to dip a toe into the world of beach cleaning. Getting involved means you’ll be part of a global project which not only clears litter, but gathers important data which helps to clear the ocean from pollution.”

Marine Conservation Society beach clean © Aled Llywelyn

To sign up for the Great British Beach Clean, visit the Marine Conservation Society’s website where you can find out more about events taking place near you.


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