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Red-kneed tarantula celebrates Day of the Dead

To mark South America’s Day of the Dead this Saturday 2nd November, keepers at ZSL London Zoo added a colourful sugar skull decoration to Mexican red-kneed spider Tilly’s home. 

Native to Mexico and Panama, the Mexican red-kneed spider can reach a leg span of between five and six inches when fully grown. The female of the species can live up to thirty years, although the less fortunate male will average only five.

The red-kneed spider is a carnivore, preying on other animals, including insects, small mammals, birds and reptiles. However, this tarantula is extremely docile in nature, preferring to avoid conflict with intruders. But if harassed, will kick hairs at the threat causing irritation in the eyes and throat.

A Red-kneed Tarantula at ZSL London Zoo.

A Red-kneed Tarantula at ZSL London Zoo

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