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RSPCA launches animal kindness campaign with free guide

The RSPCA has launched its new #AnimalKindness campaign and encourages everyone to do their bit, however small, to help animals.

The welfare charity has also produced a free Guide to Animal Kindness which gives advice on how to care for animals, keep them safe, protect their habitats, campaign for change and more.

So if you’d like to learn how to make your garden bat-friendly or build a highway for hedgehogs, for example, simply visit the RSPCA website to either download or request a postal copy of the guide.

Klare Kennett, Assistant Director of External Relations, Marketing and Communications at the RSPCA, said: “The RSPCA is dedicated to improving the lives of animals but we can’t do it alone. We know that other people want to do their bit and so we’ve produced this guide to give people advice about the little things they can do help us create a world that’s kinder to animals.

“There are tips on how to make your garden wildlife-friendly, what to do if you find an injured animal, how you can protect animals’ habitats and how you can volunteer to help needy pets and wildlife. No matter how much time you have, there is something you can do to improve the lives of animals.”

The guide also contains inspiring stories from people who have gone the extra mile to help animals, from the vicar with bats in her belfry, the rescue dog turned therapy dog for poorly children and the RSPCA inspector who dreamed of helping animals from when he was a little boy. Animal-loving celebrities Jo Brand and Chris Packham also offer their own tips in the booklet.

To get a free copy of the Guide to Animal Kindness, visit


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