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Sensational Butterflies visit London

A new exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London features hundreds of live butterflies and moths on display in a tropical butterfly house.

Sensational Butterflies includes a kaleidoscope of colourful butterfly species ethically sourced from Central and South America, Africa and Asia especially for the show.

Follow the trail through a tropical habitat of flowers, vines and foliage as butterflies fly overhead, or watch them feed on nectar and fruit and observe as they interact with each other. Search for caterpillars hidden in the foliage, at different life stages and sizes, from glistening chrysalises to chomping full grown. You may even see a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis and unfold its wings for the first time.

Kids can discover fascinating butterfly facts and use a magnifier to admire the intricate details and diversity of these beautiful creatures. receiving butterfly-friendly tips and advice from the Butterfly House team as they go.

‘As one of our planet’s most loved insects, butterflies are some of the most interesting organisms. They can see a wider spectrum of colours than us, and have evolved spectacular colour patterns,’ says Dr Blanca Huertas, Senior Curator of Butterflies at the Museum.

‘With the natural world changing fast, Sensational Butterflies gives us the chance to enjoy a bit of a tropical forest here in the city.’

Sensational Butterflies runs until September 17th, with tickets £5.85 each or £19.80 for a family of four. Click here for more information.

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