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Tiger cub takes first steps outside at ZSL London Zoo

A critically endangered Sumatran tiger cub has taken its wobbly first steps outside at ZSL London Zoo’s Tiger Territory.

Zookeepers captured this adorable footage of the one-month-old after mum Gaysha took her new arrival outside to enjoy the afternoon sun.

Determined to follow in mum’s footsteps, the youngster can be seen tumbling onto soft grass after climbing out of their heated enclosure.

ZSL London Zoo tiger keeper Kathryn Sanders said: “The cub has so far mostly stayed tucked up with Gaysha in their cosy behind-the-scenes cubbing den, but with such lovely weather yesterday, it’s clear she decided it was time for her little one to take its first steps in the outside world.”

Kate added: “We were all holding our breath with excitement as the cub tottered around, using all its strength to clamber after mum – it was incredible to watch the youngster find its ‘tiger feet’ for the first time.”

Keepers will find out if the yet to be named cub is male or female following its first health check in a few weeks’ time.

In the meantime, lucky visitors to ZSL London Zoo might spot the cub as it ventures out more and more over the coming weeks.

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