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Two inspirational new books for young readers to enjoy

Poppy Goes Wild

An enchanting new children’s book about a young girl on a mission to rewild her grandad’s farm offers inspiration at a time when connecting with nature has never been more important.

In Poppy Goes Wild, we follow the title character as she embarks on a journey to return the countryside to how it was 50 years ago when flower meadows grew wild and native animals flourished.

Over recent decades much of Britain’s wildlife has disappeared, but this beautifully illustrated book offers a message of hope and encourages children and families everywhere to do what they can to help nature work its magic.

A foreword by writer, broadcaster and River Cottage star Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall urges us all to be part of the rewilding movement, with the book’s nature-friendly message backed by the charity Rewilding Britain.

Author Nick Powell hopes his book will inspire children of all ages to do what they can to look after wildlife, as the rewards will benefit us all for generations to come.

Poppy Goes Wild – written by Nick Powell and illustrated by Becca hall – published by Little Steps Publishing (hardback)


Saving Hanno – A Refugee Boy and His Dog

The year is 1938 and young Jewish boy Rudi has the chance to escape the dangers of Nazi Germany on a Kindertransport to England. Unfortunately, he cannot take his beloved pet dog, Hanno, and the two are separated.

Luckily, Rudi’s family finds a way to smuggle the dachshund to London. But with England on the brink of war, and many pets facing an uncertain future, will Rudi and Hanno be reunited?

Saving Hanno is a fast-paced fictional story, based on real events that effected children like nine-year-old Rudi and their pets. The book highlights the struggle young refugees face when arriving in a strange new country – a theme still relevant today – and explains how many people were faced with the agonising choice between keeping their pets or saving themselves.

An educational story of love and hope during wartime, Saving Hanno tells the tale of an unbreakable bond between a young boy and his four-legged friend. Essential reading!

Saving Hanno – A Refugee Boy and His Dog – written by Miriam Halahmy and illustrated by Karin Littlewood – published by Otter-Barry Books

Poppy Goes Wild

Poppy is on a mission to save her grandad's farm by returning the countryside to a time when flower meadows grew wild and native animals flourished. Can Poppy succeed in helping nature to work its magic?


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Saving Hanno

Rudi is nine. His own country is no longer safe for Jewish children and he is being sent from Germany to England on the Kindertransport train. But he can't take his beloved little dog, Hanno. By a lucky chance Hanno is smuggled into England and helps Rudi to cope with life in a strange country. But as World War 2 looms, there is a chilling new threat to Hanno. How can Rudi and his new friends save their pets?

Inspired by the real events of the Kindertransport and the refugee children who came to Britain just before war was declared.


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