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Tiger love at Highland Wildlife Park

Love is in the air at Highland Wildlife Park for endangered Amur tigers, Botzman and Dominika, after they were caught bonding together on camera for the first time recently.

Staff at the wildlife charity began carefully introducing the pair in November, following Botman’s arrival from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in October, and encouraged by how well the new couple were getting on, decided to let them meet last week.

Keepers identified important behavioural cues that the pair were interested in each other, including calling, scent marking and Dominika rolling on her back, so knew the signs were good.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland is hopeful the pair will have cubs in the future – as part of a breeding programme for the endangered species – with plans for the tiger couple to remain together at the wildlife park in Kincraig, Scotland.

Highland Wildlife Park is currently closed due to Covid19 restrictions, but you can help feed and care for the animals there by donating at

Video and images: RZSS

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