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Vulture chicks breeding success

THE Hawk Conservancy Trust in Hampshire has announced the hatching of two further Oriental white-backed vulture chicks at the conservation breeding centre at Changa Manga, near Lahore in Pakistan. The trust has been working on a breeding programme for vultures here, together with partners WWF-Pakistan, since 2004. The hatchings follow the breeding success of last April, the first of this critically endangered species in captivity in Pakistan, helping underpin future conservation efforts, including reintroduction of vultures to the wild.

The latest two chicks continue to grow well under the watchful eye of their parents but further work to remove vulture-unsafe veterinary drugs from circulation is essential, as is protection of vulture breeding sites in the wild. Without these improvements, releases that are planned for the future will be delayed.

Visitors can learn more about the work of the trust and visit birds in its care in the UK at its site in Andover.

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