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The Wildlife Trusts need your support to protect marine wildlife

The Wildlife Trusts are looking for your support in backing 41 new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) to help protect the ‘blue belt’ around our English coast.

Marine Conservation Zones are protected areas in English seas which have been put in place to protect the seabed and the marine wildlife that lives there.

So far, we have 50 Marine Conservation Zones in place in English waters, and although collectively these sites cover 20,425 km2, , this is only 8.4% of our seas.

Expanding the ‘blue belt’ of marine conservation zones will hopefully give our ocean wildlife the best possible chance of recovery from damaging activity. Without these sites, some of our most rare and vulnerable marine wildlife – from seahorses to living reefs – will remain at risk.

The government recently launched a consultation asking the public for their views about protecting a new group of MCZs. Public support plays a vital role in the Government’s final decision, so The Wildlife Trusts is asking every person that loves the sea to act today.

With a newly launched campaign – #WaveOfSupport – The Wildlife Trusts wants everyone across the country to create a giant wave of support for these new Marine Conservation Zones.

A number of special places off the English coast have been chosen for the public to comment on and none of these places will be designated unless there is public support for their protection. A full list of MCZs can be found here

To take part and offer your wave of support go to and make your pledge by Friday 20 July 2018.

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