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Wolf cubs venture outside for first time at Wildwood

Visitors to Wildwood in Kent were greeted by four adorable wolf cubs on Friday as they ventured outside for the first time.

Female wolf Nuna and male Odin were released together into their newly extended woodland enclosure at Easter and the creation of a new wolf pack followed. This is the first litter for mum Nuna, with the four new cubs now three weeks old.

State of the art video surveillance has been installed to keep an eye on progress, with  expert keepers at Wildwood pleased to report that all four cubs are in excellent health.

The new wolf pack will continue the Wildwood Trust’s mission to educate and champion research into the long-term benefits of rewilding Britain, to bring back flourishing ecological diversity. Wolves are well known as an apex predator and can help shape the ecology of land to help it restore a vast range of wildlife by keeping wild herbivorous numbers in check.

With a dedicated and experienced wolf keeper team behind the scenes, it is hoped that the huge wolf facility will provide the perfect environment for the cubs to blossom and learn the ways of the wolf pack.

Wildwood’s co-founder and Strategic Director Peter Smith said:

“For many centuries, the European grey wolf, Canis lupus, has been a much-maligned animal, persecuted due to fear, hate and misunderstanding. Today, with a new understanding of the wolf, many myths depicting the wolf as a villain have been dispelled and it is coming to be respected as the awe-inspiring animal it truly is.”

“It is the Wildwood Trust’s mission to continue to educate and inspire visitors on the facts about this animal, and their arrival to Wildwood cites the beginning of what will be an exciting campaign and research project. Wolves played an incredibly important role in our history, shaping our own evolution, culture and our landscape. It’s a great privilege to have these magnificent animals at our Canterbury site to continue to help us tell their story.”

Wildwood Trust opened in 1999 as a centre of excellence for the conservation of British wildlife, and was established as a registered charity in 2002. Wildwood is set in 40 acres of beautiful ancient woodland and home to over 200 native animals, past and present including bears, wolves, bison, deer, owls, foxes, red squirrels, wild boar, lynx, wild horses, badgers and beavers plus many more.

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