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ZSL launch underwater virtual reality experience

International conservation charity ZSL has launched a brand-new underwater virtual reality experience at London Bridge. Using a custom made viewfinder, Londoners can now dive beneath the surface of the River Thames to see sharks, seals and eels – without getting their hair wet!

Developed by Somewhere Else and BYO using Timescope technology, the experience gives budding explorers the chance to join ZSL on a Thames safari and journey through one of London’s most surprising wildlife habitats.

Declared biologically dead in the 1950s, the River Thames is now a hub of life thanks to dedicated conservation efforts. An astonishing 120 fish species now call the Thames home, along with seals, seahorses, oyster and Critically Endangered European eel. Many species are born and nurtured in the river before they mature and make the journey out to sea.

ZSL VR unit, with the Thames in the background

ZSL has been working to protect the Thames and its inhabitants for more than 15 years, conducting population surveys and removing barriers for endangered species. Launching as part of ZSL’s Mother Thames campaign, the new virtual reality experience is free to use and open to all. Conservationists hope the experience will inspire users to want to learn more and help to protect the river.

To find out more about ZSL’s Thames Virtual Reality experience and conservation work visit

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