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Baby boom for endangered monkeys at Twycross

Midlands-based Twycross Zoo is celebrating the birth of two baby monkeys from critically-endangered species.

The yet to be named new-borns – a black-headed spider monkey and a northern white-cheeked gibbon –  are welcome news for the conservation of each species and the successful breeding programme at the zoo.

Both babies are doing very well under the watchful eye of doting parents Jamundi and Monty, and Kampuchea and Earl, and will now spend important time bonding with the rest of their troop.

Baby spider monkey – Twycross Zoo

Black-headed spider monkeys spend all their time up in the trees and can jump up to nine metres from branch to branch. They also use their long tail, which can grow up to 85cm, as a fifth limb, allowing them to hang freely from above!

Northern-white cheeked gibbons originate from tropical rainforests in Laos, Vietnam. Relatively small apes, their long arms are used to hang from branches and swing through trees, but unlike other primates, gibbons forage throughout the entire day, eating mainly fruit, leaves, flowers and insects.

Twycross Zoo is home to one of the largest primate collections in Europe and the only place in the UK where visitors can see all four types of Great Ape – gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzee and bonobo – as well as a wide collection of gibbons. For more information on visiting go to

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