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Cheetah cub joy for Suffolk wildlife park

Africa Alive in Suffolk has announced the arrival of a new cheetah cub – the first to be born at the wildlife park in ten years.

Keepers were overjoyed to discover the newborn cheetah cub nestled with first-time mother, Kilima, who is 10, on the morning of 1st August 2021.

Health checks revealed that the new arrival is a female, with a competition to name Africa Alive’s newest arrival taking place on social media in late October.

Visitors will be able to see the new cub – now 9 weeks old – as she is gradually introduced to the main paddock with her mother, Kilima this week, with dad Shaka in an enclosure close by.

Cheetah cubs are extremely fluffy when born, compared to adult cheetahs, with a thick mane of fur on their backs. This is to help protect wild cubs from potential predators by making them appear larger and more intimidating than they really are but is moulted around three months.

Cheetah cub with mum, Kilima, at Africa Alive, Suffolk

Classified as vulnerable to extinction in the wild, there are only 5,000 cheetahs remaining in Africa and just 60 estimated in Asia.

Cheetahs housed in zoos in Europe as part of the European Zoos and Aquaria breeding programme provide a potential safety net for the wild population, with the new arrival offering hope for the vulnerable species.

To book tickets to visit Kilima and her new cub, go to:



Main image: Africa Alive’s new cheetah cub at 5 weeks old


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