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Legendary display for Hawk Conservancy Trust

Based in Andover, Hampshire, the Hawk Conservancy Trust has introduced a new ‘Woodland Owls’ display designed to immerse visitors in an intriguing world
of folklore.

Visiting groups will have the opportunity to witness an array of beautiful owls skimming silently over their heads in the trust’s unique woodland arena, the Silver Birch Glade, while hearing tales and legends associated with the ethereal birds of prey.

The intimate events will involve a variety of owl species, including the barn owl, great grey owl, long-eared owl, eagle owl and tawny owl, and there will be a chance for intrepid members of the audience to assist in highlighting their flying skills.

The ‘Woodland Owls’ display is the attraction’s final display of the day at 3.45pm. There are two other displays, ‘Wings of Africa’ at 11.30am and the ‘Valley of the Eagles’ flying demonstration at 2pm. Discounts are available for groups visiting the Hawk Conservancy.

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